Sedef Adasi

Freitag 20.07.
21.30-00.30 Seebühne
It’s been roughly seven years ago, when Sedef started taking over the
decks in some of the finest sleazy, dark and narrow venues in Germany,
spreading a colourful mixture of most current acid, house and techno.
With an enthralling passion for music she quickly built up a full-on party
crowd in Augsburg and regularly turned City Club into a steaming
HAMAM, where she invited some of the finest DJ and producers from near
and far.
Nowadays, her dazzling reputation take her into Berlin’s Salon zur wilden
Renate, Hamburg’s Übel & Gefährlich and onto Leipzig’s marvelous MELT
In her mix for Groove Magazine in November 2017 she smoothly
navigates through the old school electro funk of Claro Intelecto, along the
thriving techno beats of Ostgut Ton’s Steffi, and even some acid and IDM
stylings, up until the fluffy Scandinavian disco vibes of Lindstrøm.